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Yasuko painting mural at Bondi Beach, Sydney, 2023


Yasuko is a Japanese artist and illustrator based in Australia since 2017. Yasuko’s work draws from the formative experiences of growing up in Tokyo, her relationship with Tunisia and time spent there throughout the Arab Spring in 2012, as well as her emigration to Australia, during which some of the largest bushfires in recorded history ravaged the land. From these emerges a thematic palette of issues as seemingly disparate as islamophobia, feminism, the immigrant experience, and climate change.

“I’m trying to draw women who have identity.” says Yasuko. The women she features in her work are often disarming in their friendly appearance and bright or pastel colours, but their drawn identity always communicates a deeper idea — an appreciation for the natural environment, or a frustration with rigid, externally imposed gender expression. 0-8 Magazine: Japanese Girls (2019) used bright halftone to explore the experience, media expression and expected role of women in Japan.

Solid forms and plants are recurring elements. Temporary Vases (2018), a hand-drawn animation set to a chaotic soundscape combined these abstractly to build an almost-narrative about the transience of people and their relationship with inhabited spaces.

Yasuko channels her concerns about the world into expository manga, as a contributing visual columnist to Japanese online feminist publication She Is, and examines issues of sustainability through a serial column at arts magazine Blazevy where she recently recounted the 2019-2020 Australian bushfire season. Commercial illustration has seen her work advertising artisan chocolate, on shirts and bags in Tokyo department store Parco, and in a travel guide exploring Seoul cafes.

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